Monday, June 27, 2011


Those guys must have the worst and best jobs in the world. All they are doing is laughing and getting hurt. That’s all they do. Just take life’s punches while recording it and then sell it for millions of JewGold. What a sweet deal.

One day of recording and pain and then like 10 days off to recover. Granted I would not want that job it does seem like they are always enjoying it. I watched the jackass movie last night and man was I laughing. They just have the most messed up ideas. I wonder who comes up with the stuff.

I love that the record the dumb things they do,  and say, and that they have no boundaries, nothing is too much, paintball guns, Tasers, donkeys, baseball bats, tooth extraction by car, pranks, toilet bombs, anything that could possibly cause pain, they will do.

Like Why would anyone ever attempt cross a walkway filled with Tasers? No one, yet they thought of it and did it and it was funny. Recently one of their members died and not even while doing one of the insane stunts, it was a car accident. Sure he went out blazing, literally, but that's the thing that amazes me the most, that no one has died.

There have always been rumour and stories but in the next episode the guy is still there. I know that behind the scenes are ambulances and medical professionals in case something happens but I wonder if they would really be ready?

What if he got hit by a running bull which throws him up in the air and then he breaks his neck? I think they would still try and make it funny. But until that day, keep on keeping on. Do what you guys do best, entertain!    

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