Thursday, June 2, 2011

How having money makes you poor

Yeah you heard me correctly. Having money makes you poor. It's a simple theory of people, up until a certain point you are always poor. A guy that earns minimum wage yet he gets by, can tenfold his salary and still be poor, he now spends more money on better food, a nicer place and what not but still poor.

They say your lifestyle changes when your salary changes and it's true. When you had no money you ate cheap food, went to the cinemas on Tuesday's and always looked for 2for1 specials. As you earn more money you care less about specials and cheap things.

Yes you worked hard to get where you are and yes you deserve a little pleasure every now and then. But really, you should invest in something that will make your money work for you. Buy a house or pay off your car instead of buying that extra burger.

Rather be poor and have something to show for it. A recent life decision made me think long and hard about how I spend my money. I spend all my 'spending money' on take-aways and junk food. And then when I'm broke I have nothing to show for it. Because it has all exited me and gone to a sewerage farm.

So I decided to make a list of tangible items that I want. And then when I get money that I'll spend it on that. And then I have something to show for all my spending. It sucks eating a sandwich when everyone else has kfc, but at the end of the day I'm better off.

I don’t eat that extra burger, I live frugally and don’t waste money on things that I don’t need, and if I do waste it I try to do so on things that I can keep, like appliances, or gadgets, or clothes, or something, but not food.

So in essence, now I'm not a fat douche bag and I have stuff. 

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