Thursday, June 23, 2011

Full blown nudity

It's a quiet Saturday afternoon and the misses and I decide to watch a movie. We get comfy and start watching this typical romantic comedy crap that women love so much. Then there is this unsuspecting scene where two guys come on screen, butt naked.

Firstly it confirmed several rumours about black males, but it was really shocking. It isn't often that a movie can really stun you but this one did just that. I was not expecting that at all. So I assume the producer has a very dark sense of humour and I can appreciate that.
Given that it was actually quite funny, and I would never want to be caught dead in that situation (watch the movie 'hall pass' to understand this comment). But the problem is it came without warning. If you are watching it with your son then it's Ok, but if you were watching it with your daughter you would have a lot of explaining to do.

Ok So I didn't look at the age restriction because it really makes no difference to me but I was shocked. If I were watching a porno then I would expect to see male and female parts, and I would have prepared myself mentally for the prior, but here I had no warning.

I basically got sideswiped by an invisible fist, guys have to prepare before seeing other guys parts, that’s just the way we function.

Which also got me thinking about porno’s. When you see 'parts' in a porno it's Ok, but if you see it in a normal movie it's like a magic door has been opened by a unicorn of Good-luck and that all the worlds secrets have been revealed to you. I suppose then that less is more.

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