Thursday, June 9, 2011


Some people just can't help themselves. They enjoy bragging about everything and eventually are so compelled to do it that they start lying and bending the truth to continue with this addiction.

I get that you want to sound impressive and look like you have accomplished something but really you just appear arrogant and annoying. You get people that will brag every now and then, which is what we all do. It's part of society, like you get bragging rights if you buy a new car or something really expensive.

Also with geek toys and whatnot. But then you get this one guy that you haven't seen for ages and then when you ask him how it's going he tells you what he has achieved. That he is living in this upmarket area with this beautiful woman and a job that satisfies them both and more.

Already irritated by his arrogance I started asking questions. This is where it all went sour. Turns out his dad bought the house in a cheap area that could be an upmarket area and he sells cars for a living. Wow sounds super. A classic example of oversell and under deliver. 

Well done. You have now proved that from being a nice guy you have become an arrogant prick and now I have no more place for you in my average life. Guys understand this. Bragging is allowed, but like all things use it in moderation. Don't ever oversell.

Undersell and over deliver. It’s a very good principle to live by, that way you are always impressive on delivery. Also as a good friend of mine says, set the bar really low from the beginning, that way you can only get better.

In the end, if you appear to be better than promised I might still like you and you might not be a gigantic male chicken. This is a friendly blog. I promise. No curse words. I'm nice like that. 

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