Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Better the devil you know than the devil you don't

I am obnoxious, and smug, and a bit of douche but I always get what I want. I always take what is mine and what is not mine yet. I will step on anyone if it helps me to get ahead. I play a smart game of life destroying and I make people uncomfortable. 

That's not me personally but how I imagine a guy I know talks to himself in the mirror every morning to motivate himself. He is a douche of note and lives up to all those expectations. True if he didn't exist I would have nothing to complain about but I would also be a happier person.

He is also very secretive and two faced. To your face he will be friendly and behind your back, he is the first one to stick a knife into it. And you can never tell if he is being honest and real or just putting up a facade to fool everyone around him.

I’m a friendly back stabber and I approve this message. That should be their campaign. Or ‘You’re friend when you need an enemy, your enemy when you need a friend.’

Yes I do wish I could just punt you in the face. They just always have a way of making people feel at ease before they strike and then you don't even get to keep the knife. Pretentious arrogant s.o.b. Now that that’s on paper, or text, I feel better.

How great is ice cream. It's the most amazing food type ever invented. I could just eat tons of it, well maybe not tons but you get the point. It’s so awesome. I just want to have it for every meal, or at least after every meal, with ultramel custard. Hmmm    

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