Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stomach ache

I hate it, and it’s right up there with headache, nausea, flu and joint pain. It's not something that anybody could possibly enjoy, no matter how sadistic or masochistic you are. Although life sometimes does hand you these nasty’s, why though does it have to happen at the worst possible time.

Like while sitting in church your stomach starts grumbling and your insides feel like the august winds will be starting there. You break out in a cold sweat and that's that. That's when you know that it is going down and out of you, quicker than you can say run fatboy run.

Or at a wedding reception, your head starts hurting, and no, of-course you won't have headache pills there, or nausea at the beginning of a road trip. Yup you will never be sitting at home, chilling on the couch and then think oh no now my stomach hurts. No that would just be too convenient.

This has led me to believe that life itself has a sick sense of humour and is just waiting on an opportunity to put the sickness and embarrassment on you. And it's something i can respect. Life has to have downs so that you can enjoy the ups.

But please let the downs be me getting winded by walking into a table at home and not letting me play the 7th symphony composed by Handle with only myself as a wind instrument. Is that too much to ask?

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