Monday, May 16, 2011

My inner Jew

This is a term that a few of my friends have labelled me with. This is mostly because of my (and a few others) unwillingness to depart with my hard earned cash or as some might refer to it, my Jew gold.

In the beginning I tried to fight it but later on just learned to accept the fact that I am indeed a raging Jew with a liking for keeping what I have earned and spending it on Good and sound things. That often does mean no eating out lavishly or buying into fun days.

It also means that if I can get something cheaper then I will probably wait and buy it there. Even if it means I have to wait a few weeks. Being a Jew is actually synonymous for cheap, stingy and miser. I don’t want to just give my gold away, and I can physically feel the money leaving my account, that might be because I get a sms when a transaction takes place, but still, I can feel it, and it hurts.

It also means I can't always partake in things people do, and that part of my Jew-ness sucks, because even if I try I can't get it right to give my Jew gold away. But there is a flip side to this big nosed coin. And that is that I always do my best to save money. I don't want to be and old man like my washed up uncle that is 63 and still lives with his mom and earns less than what I did at my first job.

He might be my biggest motivator to not waste money and invest it wisely. Otherwise who knows what kinds of ill things I would have gotten up to? Now though I can honestly say I have something that I will be able to pass on to my kids. Not just be that creepy uncle.

Oh and stop judging, everybody has that part of the family! You know the scum bags and hillbilly’s. The trailer park trash or those that beg for money. Yeah I know you have got at least one. Do you want to be like him? No? Then start saving Dammit.

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  1. Nice one aiden. Post it on our group page. Other guys need to hear ur words of wisdom!