Monday, May 9, 2011

Life's dependencies

You see we have become so dependent on things that We are absolutely lost without them. I'll explain. Our life is useless without power, especially me. With no power I have no job. My job relies solely on skill and electricity.

A taxi driver and a granny? Well if you drive or get driven in a car then your life depends on everyone else on the road. Literally the only division between life and death is a 3mm high line of white paint and some people’s willingness to abide the rules of the road.

A coal miner is the start of the process which powers your car so that you can drive on a road where your life depends on everyone else to get to your job that relies on someone else.

How did we as the human race get it so horribly wrong when we thought these were Good ideas. Geez what if the granny dies behind the steering wheel or the guy mining coal starts striking?

How will we survive when we exhaust the world’s precious minerals that power our day to day life? What will we do when our grandchildren ask us why we destroyed the planet so horribly? 

We tell them we had a hell of a ride. Or pretend we have Alzheimer’s. I am going to have so much fun with that when I'm older. I'll use my age to get out of speeding fines. Pretend I'm lost and let people help me find my way. I'll pretend I'm falling and watch people run.

I can wait to be old. But I think when I do get there we are going to be very broken old people, still listening to snoop dog and red man. Still hating on Justin and Rebecca and talking about the good old days when you had to carry cell phones, use chargers and drive your own car.

I really want to be in an old age home with all my friends. Play age old counter strike and still perform crotch grabs with one hand while holding on to my zimmer frame with the other. That is going to be a non-stop party        

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