Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The colour blind

How would you know? I mean without the tests and looking at a million spots on a piece of paper. Actually those tests are the worst. If ever I get anywhere and I see one of those spot tests I start stressing. I think to myself, what if I am actually colour blind.

I then look at it very intensely and try to find the number. Then I quickly check the answers just to make sure I'm still Ok. Even though the last 300 times I've done it I've passed I just want to be sure that nothing has changed. Just want to be sure that I don't think I'm buying something red and then it's actually navy Blue, or worse, bottle green.

But besides the test how would you know? I would just think oh that’s a green table and then it's actually Blue or red. It's not that bad. Would I argue with people? How would I know they aren't colour blind. I suppose everybody has their own perception of colour and how it looks.

But what is colour, how do We know that red isn't actually supposed to be Blue? Who decided what name was given to what colour? How did he explain it to everyone else? How do we know the inventor wasn't colour blind? Doesn't that then make us all colour blind?

Ok I'm just messing around. But seriously why do I always stress that something might be wrong. What if I want to donate blood and I don't have enough iron. Goodness how do you fix that. Should I start nibbling on a nail or screw or something? Or what if I am colour blind? How can i fix it? I don't want to be broken.

Especially if you can't fix me. I would then rather not know. And just enjoy being broken and not really knowing. I think I have just explained the expression 'ignorance is bliss', because it really is.

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  1. Thats how my cousin found out he was colour blind.. we were walking in a museum and looked at these colour charts.. he was convinved there was nothing but green, when in fact a Big Red 3.
    After a visit to the was confirmed.. BTW his favorite colour is Red.