Thursday, May 12, 2011

Being a fatty

Yes it is a choice that you have made. Yes you can get skinny if you want. No it's not your thyroid gland. No you don't exercise enough. Yes you do eat too much. Yes starch is really good for you....if you are trying to get fatter. No it's not in your genes and no, you don't have to eat when you are sad.

Those are the answers to all the excuses fat people have for being fat, and the reason why they can't get rid of the excess weight. Anyone can get thin, eat better, exercise more and stop making excuses, simple as that. No diet pill on TV is going to do it.

Want to know why? Because there is no easy way to get thin, it doesn't just happen overnight, or by daily dosage of ‘make me skinny’ pills. It takes hard work, but it's going to be the best accomplishment you've ever made.

I've even heard some Fat people say I'm happy the way I am. Obviously that's a lie, how can you be happy when your clothes never fit properly and you are ashamed of your body. You are just too lazy to lift your Fat behind. That's all.

So stop lying to yourself, because you aren't fooling anyone. We know you don't like the way you look. Just get up and jog pork chop. Stop stuffing your face with anything that looks remotely like food. And for the love of everyone that's ever lost weight please stop saying you are ok with yourself. It's sad and depressing!

You don’t need to make excuses, everybody loves eating, and knows that exercise is tedious and difficult, but trust me, it’s worth every cent spent on exercise, if it’s going to a gym, or running or cycling or whatever your preference, just get it done.

Ps. if you think I'm just a guy that's never had to do anything you are wrong. I was Fat and lost almost 20kg. I now weigh 70kg. Suck on that Fatties, or wait rather don't suck on anything, just now you think it’s food and start chewing.


  1. to the person who ticked the "this sucks" reaction, I assume you are fat, and take offense easily, get off my blog.
    Yours Kindly
    The Author

  2. As a previous FATTTTTTY myself i can vouch for the fact that ur fat because ur lazy and eating is much easier than exercise, if you take offence to this a.)Your fat and b.) Your not ok with that or this wouldnt bother you

    Ex Fatty

  3. Is it really nice not being able to shop at the "hot girls'" section, and not being able to wear high heals because your feet can't carry your weight and you can't really balance?

    To all of you who took offense, get the hell over yourself. You choose to be fat. No names were mentioned so stop feeling important and get off your fat butt and work on your flaaby thighs and arms and your wobbly stomach... While you're at it, don't forget to work on your poor self-esteem; there's truly nothing more unatractive than a person who pitties themself. Even fat people are more attractive in such a case.

    I have a child and I am pregnant with my second. I have never had an ounce of fat. What gives you an excuse to be fat?

    Big ups to all the skinny people out there! Just coz we can wear what we want and we look good doing it!


    Hot Mama!

  4. I agree hot mama and ex-fatty!

    I was also fat at one stage of my life and I did something about it. I don't just sit and eat! It's a decsion you make for yourself. Don't blame others for stuffing your face with chocolates and cupcakes. You can loose weight if you really want to. I did??!!??

    And all of you who ranted about this blog on facebook and said you were happy being fat... we called your bluff... You are not happy! You hate your fat bodies just as much as we hate people who participate in hate speech!

    If you are so happy, why did you take offense? Explain that to us!

    Another ex-fatty!

  5. Almal van julle wat aboutaiden so beswadder... Julle moet bykom. Dit is MENSE SOOS JULLE wat vandag maak wat hy is! As jy nie van goed hou wat ander se nie, moet dit dan nie lees nie! En vir wat sal jy jou vererg as jy gelukkig is met jou lyf! Julle is almal belaglik!

    Nie een van julle ken vir Aiden nie! Hy is tien keer die mens as wat enige een van julle ooit sal wees! En vir Meyrine hoef julle nie jammer te kry nie, sy is baie gelukkig met Aiden en hulle is 'n "perfect couple".

    Kyk na jouself voor jy jou vinger wys! (En ja, ek mag dit se, want Aiden het na homself en sy lewe verwys in die blog)

  6. I would love to see what the people said. I am fat. I don't take what's written here personally. It's this guy's opinion. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

    It's not always easy to loose weight and boy have I tried. But I know it's possible!

    Aiden, you are one weird guy and reading your blogs makes my day! Keep up the good work dude!

    Fellow fatties... don't let him get to you... It's just a skinny guy's OPINION!!!


  7. Net soos die swartes... Nuff said