Monday, May 16, 2011

Being a Fatty Follow up

Ok so some people took some serious offense to the Being a Fatty post from thursday last week, and I felt it necessary to just say a few things about this. If you are interested then click the jump to see what I have to say, and also what they have to say.

Right so firstly I would like to highlight my blog description to everyone. I will copy and paste it in here for people who do not understand what a blog title is.
"about Aiden is a Blog, about things I (Aiden) like, so it will be a very vast collection of stuff...for your could be my thoughts or office Banter, but who Cares! If by some chance you are a touchy person, take offense easily, or really like the americans i would recommend leaving."

The part in bold is what I would like to highlight. If you are touchy, stop reading my blog, if you take offense easily you should also stop reading. I write about topics relevant to myself, and my narcissistic opinions are here to stay.

My blog is not aimed at any one person, as much as you would like to believe that everything revolves around you, it doesn't, this is about Aiden. Does the blog title now make sense?  

Then lastly, I don't care what people say about me, if you have a problem with me, it stays your problem. Now that that's over with, here are the screenshots of the comments made on the book of faces. They are in Afrikaans so I will translate. I have blurred out the names to protect identities, but have colour coded them for convinience.

Ok on this one BLACK says "about aiden sucks", then they ask if I have nothing better to do with my time, and that I am the type of person who ruins other peoples lives. Then they continue to say the nicest people they know are fat, and that anyone who likes the facebook link also sucks. Then RED comments that they would rather be fat and healthy than skinny and underweight.

In this beautiful piece of poetry BROWN asks why I cant keep my opinion to myself ( on my own blog about myself ) and then calls me names, then a whole bunch of people say, you look angry, whats wrongs, blah blah, and then BLACK says look at my status( the one above).

And in this one PURPLE says they are satisfied with themself and how can I possibly be satisfied with my self, and then in the second one says that "I am a fatty but luckily I'm not" and then swears me and calls me names. Oh no, just not that. 

Ok so there you have it people, I know phat_john wanted to see this. This is in no way meant to be derogatory to anyone, neither is it meant to hurt anyone, I am just saying, if you don't like what I'm writing, then don't click on the link, and don't read what I have to say.

Thats it.
Kind Regards

The Author


  1. I am offended that you have not yet offended me, and I hope you take offence to this.
    Skinny people deserve to be made fun of too, do you think I enjoy eating loads of food with my stick-insect metabolism and never end up putting on any weight!
    And I am such a nice guy, pick on me, pick on me!
    You "insert name calling" are biased and opnionated and I absolutely love reading the about"insert name calling" blog.
    Thats why i subscribe. Keep em coming!

  2. Read my blog Skinnykin! I responded to the fatt blogs...

    it's no use mocking you skinny people... I can't see the fun in that!

  3. hahahaha foken ha , wanneer gaan ons saam n bok skiet, miskien kan ek meer kak praat as jy.Gayden my gatgabba. Jy weet mos bok skiet beteken blowjob

  4. Check out
    for my reply on these ridiculous comments.