Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All men are still kids at heart

It is the strangest thing. Men can pretend to be grown up all they want. Their women often think that their men are mature and different and grown up. But the truth of the matter is men never grow up. There is at least one thing to each man that will instantly transform him into a kid again.

For instance, most men, given the opportunity would gladly play in the children's play area at a restaurant, mostly because it normally has somewhere to climb, and somewhere to slide down in an enclosed tube and if you are really lucky, a ball pit or trampoline.

For some men it takes something as small as any type of gadget. If it's small and can do awesome things we want to test it, put it through its paces and push it to the limit. To other men it’s toy cars or trains. Others enjoy jumping on an inflatable jumping-castle.

We are kids at heart. And yes there are ways to make us appear grown up and mature but if you do those men will just be unhappy. We want to play with kids toys and get awesome interesting things to entertain us. We will never really grow up. There is just not a possibility that it can happen.

We want to judo chop the toilet paper, and play with toy boats in the bath. We want to set things on fire, and play with flames. Swords were made to cut things, and that’s what we will do with them. All sticks have the ability to become lightsabers, and any flat object can be a cricket bat.

Us men are simple creatures and need thing to keep us happy. We function on touch, not emotion. That's why we can’t just think and talk about nice things, we need to feel them. Dammit woman, stop trying to change us.

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