Friday, May 6, 2011


Watching TV I saw a local cellular network had rebranded and has a plethora of adverts pertaining to this. And not only were there a lot but also they were playing them over and over and over. In a weeks’ worth of minimal TV watching I think I saw more Vodacom ad's than actual TV.

At least some of them where funny and it got me to thinking about the funniest advert I've ever seen. And from what I can remember it'll be a close tie between the lot. Let me run through them quick. Firstly we have those Toyota ads where they have that dog with human teeth.

Man some of those were funny, I especially liked the one where he says 'help me help me, I'm a stuck sheep, I'm stuck in a hooooole'. Then there are also most of the nando's ad's. Their marketing and advertising guys are pure genius mixed with evil and sarcastic.

A winning combination if you asked me. They always have these ad's that touch on the touchiest subjects in the country at the moment. And they make their ad's thrive off the success of others' huge marketing campaigns. If someone in politics is making a scene, they have an advert! When a cellular network rebrands they have an ad.

But then my favourite ad of all time must be...ugh who cares. Not me. Enough about things that interrupt my prime time movies on my free South African TV channels. Of late I have noticed the quality of programs on free TV has become somewhat ethnic. Broadcast in a language that I don't understand.

No that isn't a racist comment, just an observation. My goodness why does everything always have to be racist. Ahhh you bigots. I don't care what your skin colour is. I'm not even really white. I'm almost green, that's how pale I am. Does that mean I should be offended because no one acknowledges my skin colour.

You are a racist for calling me white you semi brownish man, and you, you tanned white guy and you, you darkly tanned brown man. Everybody just chill out, drink your coffee, wear socks and don't forget to brush your tongue.

Ugh that sucks I hate brushing my tongue. Feels like someone is sticking a plastic tube down my throat and my gag reflex just kicks in immediately. It sucks so so much. Almost as bad as going to a doctor and he puts an ice-cream stick down your throat. But the catch is, there is no ice-cream.the question that then comes to mind is “Who ate the ice-cream off the stick?”

Is it like cheap child labour where they get bunches of little kids with their slobbery mouths to come and eat free ice-cream as long as you return the stick? Then he puts them in boxes and sticks it down your throat. Yuck. Slobbery kids. Stupid little rugrats, why can’t parents just keep them in check.

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