Monday, April 4, 2011


‘Go bulls’, or ‘man u tops’ or last but definitely not least ‘Ferrari forever.’ These are the rampant comments you will find all over facebook on the day they are playing or after they are victorious.

Although in a very eerie manner when they lose (which lately is more than ever)  they are as quiet as mice.  Either this is because they have all lost signal simultaneously, along with all internet lines and all other forms of getting to facebook.

Either that or they are intensely sore losers. Why is it that they do this? Why is it that all the apparent die-hard fans are the ones to start avoiding the subject first. Although these very disgusting people are bad sports, these are not the worst of the crop.

There are die-hard supporters that are worse than the silent ones. Those are the 'excuse-creators'. You know them. As soon as I said it you immediately thought of one! These are the absolute worst. ‘The referee was one sided’ or ‘We just didn't have the right tires on.’

Ahhhh you guys are so retarded and everybody hate's your type. Well either they hate you or you are their favourite source of humour! Do you understand that people are laughing at you when you make these excuses? You are a sheepish yellow belly!

Talking about sheep and yellow, all Australian's are gay descendants of prisoners that enjoy coitus with sheep!

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