Friday, April 1, 2011


A great little invention by the Egyptians to wear on your feet when you are wearing shoes to reduce sweating in the shoe and to keep your shoes relatively clean.

Yet somehow a hippie somewhere in the fashion industry has decided to wreak havoc on this age old tradition. He decided to get his own back by convincing some people that shoes can be worn without socks. I think it might be out of revenge towards modern society because it depicts that he has to wear shoes.

So being the hippie that he is he decided to remove one layer of conformity out of the equation. Now back to the turd knuckle's who are wearing shoes without socks. You smell bad, well maybe not you but your feet. What were you thinking when you decided to wear your expensive loafer's with jeans but no socks.

Those things are going to smell worse than your weird uncle jimmy's underpants and he doesn't bath...ever! And now your loafers have reached the same level of rancid. Not only do they smell horrendous but now they are also unsanitary.Well Done.

They now have more germs than a ladies bathroom dustbin. And who knows what kind of eery stuff goes into those dustbins. Come on guys use your brain a little bit. Women have stopped wearing socks a long time ago, true but they also have boobs, so they can get away with it.

This is however the only situation in which a boobs argument is valid. But guys do you really want to be wearing a cesspool of your own sweat and foot smell? No then go put on a pair of socks you hippie.

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