Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A hot topic at the centre of many discussions and debates world wide. Everybody has his own personally formed opinion and it has become a word which is supposed to have a very negative connotation but due to its overuse has become somewhat docile.

Now because of its nature it is a very touchy subject and is something that is feared very much by white people. Because back in the day the whites were the oppressors and black people were slaves and only whites were real people with human rights. 

But that has changed. Even though I was born in an era of white supremism it is not how I was raised. And then the apparent white supremacy ended when I was 9. However people have called me a racist and it's not true. I don't see colour as a dividing factor between people. 

If anything i should be called an “iqist” because people really are not divided into race groups but iq groups. I will treat all smart people the same, irrespective of their race. Then a second thing about racism is that it always seems to be only white people that are capable of this act.

Why is it that black people cannot be racist? When a black man proclaims that he will kill white people it's cultural and historic. If a white person had to proclaim the reverse it would not be cultural, it would be racist?

Ok not that anyone really cares though. We (the current generation) never had race inequalities and don't know about race differences. So get over it you old folks. Go retire somewhere and live in peace. We are all humans in the human race. Why is it that only the old people proclaiming equality don't see it! We don't care!

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