Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Drug dealers getting a slap on the wrist

Recently i heard a news article about our wonderful South African government and their take on drug dealing. Personally it sounds to me like they are on drugs half the time. If i just listen to the things that they say I wonder how they ever got into politics.

But then i realised it's all the talk that got them where they are. Seriously, has anyone ever had a look at the ridiculous laws in this country? Legally making out is not allowed until the age of 16, but at the age of 12 a girl is allowed to have an abortion without parental consent or supervision. You can see how that makes logical sense right. We had sex but not once did we kiss. 

And now the legal age is 18, so that means I can apply for a credit card, and debt when I'm still in school. Who can manage their own money at the age of 18, I know people in their 60's that still can’t manage their money. How then can you expect a kid of 18 still buying cigarettes and alcohol under peer pressure to work out a budget and repay a credit card.

And it gets even more ridiculous. If you are living in a province with no coastline you are not legally allowed to drive without shoes. Yes ladies. You should rather drive with your hooker heels on, because it is legal. It's also another law that if you live in the non-coastal provinces you are not allowed to drive a car without a shirt on.

That makes perfect sense right. Because a shirt determines my driving ability. Also shoes make me drive better. I know every country has stupid laws and I can handle the car ones, but how can we possibly as adults consent to the fact that a child of 12 years old can go through such a traumatic event without parents.

What does a child even know about sex and abortion? They haven't even matured yet. They are still kids, developing an identity, growing into a teenager. How are we so careless with the future of our country? How can we be so relaxed and nonsensical?

Wake up people. Those are the leaders of the next generation. We can't break them mentally before they are even teenagers.

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