Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nail biter's, nose pickers and public crotch scratcher's

All very commonly attributed and stereotyped to men. Well i can vouch that the last one is mainly men, but for the other two, you are wrong. Everybody goes through a phase where they pick in their nose and or bite their nails.

Just like every kid plays cops and robbers or pretends the floor is lava. The only difference being that kids outgrow the games. But some people never outgrow the picking and biting. Often in traffic I see someone sticking their finger right up their nose. Like really getting in there.

I mean digging as if there is no tomorrow. Angling it in any which way to try and get better grip on the prize that will be dug out from the apparent endless abyss. Now that's an easy thing to handle. Everybody has days when it feels like you are a booger factory.

The real determining factor behind your level of gross is what you do with the prize. Most people examine it, still acceptable, others roll and flick, also acceptable, other just flick which is also Ok, but then I experienced an examiner who believes she should have a taste.

How hungry must you be to eat your own boogers. Or are you really in need of a salty snack. I just can’t imagine ever being that hungry. I have never looked at a booger and thought “hmmm I wonder if you would make a tasty treat?” I actually feel a little bit of nausea coming up just imagining it.

I mean come on. Bite your nails or chew a chappy, or even a piece of grass or a match or a toothpick but not your own booger. You don't sniff and lick the toilet paper after you have wiped so then why would you eat other bodily excretion?

Nose pickers, nail biters and crotch scratchers are all acceptable, everybody has some dirty habits but booger eaters, no you don't get any acceptance or sympathy. You should either move back to Australia or America because either you are a fat urmerican or a backwards sheep her-dur.

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