Friday, April 8, 2011

The lookers

The lookers that just get by. This is the kind of girl who has had life served to her on a silver platter. Everything that she want's she gets because of the way she looks. It's has absolutely nothing to do with skill, brawn or brain. 

You might think I'm jealous and you're right. Geez why couldn't I have been a super model with the boobs of a porn star and the ass of a ten year old boy. Why does everything have to be so difficult for us normal people.

Why can't we get acting contracts based on our iq's instead of our waist size or the depth of your six pack. Why do the skinny's get to have all the fun on the beach. All the boys with pretty hair and the bleach blonde hair and dark sunbed tan.

But then again, i don't really care . Judge me all you want, i don't give a rat's ass what you think about my hairy chest, my curly hair, my six pack that is buried very deep under many layer's of protection, my funky elbow, my skinny wrists or my tramp stamp. Guys are allowed to have them too.

Go be pretty somewhere where we, the majority, don't have to deal with, or see you, you vapid hunk of brainless meat.

PS - Keep your eyes open, next week is 'International List Week', and i will be posting in accordance to this. 

PSS - Don't Google this, it might not return results.

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