Friday, April 15, 2011

List #5 - Pet peeves

Sadly list week has come to an end, but due to raging success it will probably reoccur in the near future. This is the last list for International List Week April 2011. So, Pet Peeves, I have them, you have them, and most people do. To some people its small things to other it's big things but we all have them.  I was going to share some of my biggest peeves here but then realised that if I did that my friends would be all over it like a fat kid with pudding.

So I will just be dabbling in a few of the most common.  Let's start off with cars that drive in the emergency lane, the retard's that think they are allowed to drive there because it's just another lane.

Then we have Manchester united fans, because soccer isn't really a sport. If I don't get my weekly newspaper. When someone has used up all the hot water before I have to shower. If someone finishes some kind of food and instead of throwing the container away they put an empty box or carton back in the cupboard.

That's just getting started; we have a lot more to go. Should i carry on? People who smoke in other peoples company, a few more that I can't mention, people who smell bad, people who think they look good in denim  jackets and people who think the internet can be restarted.

And it doesn't even stop there, iPhone users who firmly believe that the world revolves around them, people who use the word epic in the wrong context, when a movie stops playing half way through and when I want to use a glass and I take it out of the cupboard and it's still dirty.

Yeah the list goes on and on. Like when people see someone writing with their left hand and ask them 'Are you left handed?' Really? Couldn't you deduce that from the hand he uses to write? Or people that gamble away their and their children's futures and gay people that think the world owes them something.

No it doesn't stop there. Here goes the list:
*people with bad accents
*girls who think spice girl shoes are still in fashion
*guys who think buffalo shoes are still rocking
*anybody who thinks new rock shoes are still awesome
*any appliance manufacturer that puts a two prong plug on an electrical device
*people who purposefully waste electricity
*when someone switches the TV on and then walks away
*security guards that check your boot when you leave a complex
*when someone thinks they can sing, audition's at idols and then says the judges are wrong when they get rejected
*when someone takes pills for no reason - are you retarded?
*fat police officers - what’s the point, how are you going to chase anyone
*anybody that drives with their rear fog lights on when there is no fog
*anybody who thinks they are allowed to drive with their lights on bright towards oncoming traffic
*guys that walk into a bathroom and take a leak in the urinal right next to the one i am using
*even worse if the guy above starts talking to you
*when someone doesn't flush after taking a dump, when it's yellow let it mellow when it's brown flush it down
*if someone doesn't keep their kids under control in a public place and the kid starts hugging peoples legs. Get off me you little rat, if i wanted a demi-human hugging my leg i would make my own
*dogs that bark all night
*girls with more makeup on their face than what Revlon owns
*stores that always have a sale sign in the window
*someone who stuffs up my fast food order
*yahoo users - Google all the way
*stalkers just creep me out
*people that have gigantic house parties in complexes till 4 in the morning with music pumping and alcohol flowing
*rich people that believe they are more important than everyone else because they have money
*when my favourite pair of undies develops a hole that it never had
*people that think it's Ok to not wear shoes when going to a mall
*I hear some people hate it when you get woken up by Hadedas, which are birds
*white guys that think they are gangster – face it, you aren’t
*vegetarians in general
*white supremists – almost as bad as vegetarians, gansters, Nazis and jews
*people who threaten to kill themselves, then proceed to drink a whole bottle of deadly milk – do it or shut up
*glee – the TV show
*paedophiles – sick bastards, as stated before, you should be shipped off to your own pedo-island where you cannot procreate
*fat people that wear skimpy clothing – NO you can’t pull it off
*emo people – life isn’t that bad, and no, you don’t get to be emo or goth just because you are fat
*alcoholics – you know, people that drink alone
*people with sad facebook statuses all the time
*and finally people that forward chain emails about kittens, some charity, bill gates that will donate money or nokia that’s going to give away a free phone if you forward this – its never going to happen, and we don’t care

Ok that's enough for now. Wow that felt good. You should try letting it out sometime, feels relieving. Now that that's all said and done, be assured that it will not end here, there will be many many many more. To be day. But for now that is the final list for this week,where is my sad smiley face!

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