Thursday, April 14, 2011

List #4 - Things I like

Things that make me happy. Today's list is all about me again. Yup that's right all about Aiden. If for some spastic reason you thought this was a self-help blog you were wrong. This is my self-centered, opinionated and brilliant blog about my view of the world.

Now that i have gotten rid of the rifraf let's go on. So today I'm writing about things that make me happy. Simple things and large things. I'm going to list as many as i can.

*leather seats in cars. They make farting so much more fun
*when i don't have to make my own sandwiches
*Pringles  -->
*when someone else buys me pringles
*free food in general really
*public holidays – especially if they make a long weekend
*days when there is no traffic
*new toys
*new toys include new gadgets, electrical devices and cars
*friendly people
*sleep – large amounts of sleep, especially in the week and on weekends - so yes, all the time,any day of the week -->
*punching a punching bag
*more sleep – also on weekends
*wearing lots of clothes – layers, in winter, my favourite
*toilet time – my daily routine of going to the bathroom and emptying my bowels, also known as dropping kids off at the pool, poo, making a deposit to the sewerage farm, pinching one off, dropping a loaf, logging, defecation and dumping.
*coffee – in all forms and flavours, early in the morning with a rusk or two or maybe three -->
*the internet
*having electricity
*driving – generally better if you have a faster car
*cars in general make Aiden a happy boy.
*steers burgers – best in the country
*cell phones because I like to have the internet with me wherever I go
*more food – yup I do like my food
*spare ribs – I know this is food, but has to be highlighted as one of the favourite five
*a rare steak – number two of the favourite five
*hank moody – what a man
*my friends
*my girlfriend
*a feather duvet on a cold winters night with a cup of milo and a heater
*cold days in general, then I get to layer and lie under a duvet, 2 of my favourite things
*chocolate croissants – number three of the favourite five -->
*being intelligent – condescending I know – but I’m glad I’m not dumb, then again If I was dumb I probably wouldn’t know it and would be happy anyway, but that’s not the case
*when people fall down – not applicable to everyone, for instance, it’s  not as funny when old people fall, but its extra funny if people that are dicks fall
*lame jokes – I am easily amused
*prawns – number four on my favourite five – hmmm prawns
*when smart-asses get it wrong – yup if you are a smart-ass and make wild claims and accusations and then somebody disproves your statements – that look you get on your face makes me happy
*when a big guy gets pwned by a little guy
*wrestling – it makes all guys happy
*ice-cream – number five on my favourite five, please note that these are not in any specific order
*winning - winning makes me happy
*losing to a worthy opponent
*presents – any gifts, I enjoy being gifted – take note of this one
*my birthday – actually like a birthweek, one day is not enough to celebrate the time at which I came into existence  -->
*my parents – best parents ever – no contest
*buying things – I do really enjoy buying things – retail therapy
*the fact that yesterday’s list was my 50th post, yay me
*boobs – I enjoy boobs, no lies

Well that’s enough about me for one day, however this is a very fun topic and I shall revisit it, so if you think that you still don’t know enough about me, stay tuned, or logged in, or whatever. This is Aiden, signing out on day four of “International List Week”. It’s almost the end people, and that makes me sad.

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