Thursday, April 21, 2011

How much I love winter

An Indescribable amount of love is what I have for winter. This like most things in life is black and white. Either you love it or you hate it but no matter what your opinion is, once a year it comes around for 3 months and freezes everything over.

Not only is there winter but the 3 months leading up to it, in which you get a mini pre-winter every now and again. One day there will be bright sunshine and the next rain and miserable clouds. The next sunshine but it's so cold you barely want to go outside. 

I love the cold. I was born in winter and many people say that's why. He is a winter baby. However I think that is all lies. I love winter and cold because it's logical to enjoy it more. Therefor most men should enjoy winter.

Ok stop scratching your head, I'll explain. Early on in life I was introduced to the idea that in summer you can only undress until a skin level, and that's that. You can't undress past your skin. But in winter I can put on as many clothes as I want. If I'm a little bit cold, one shirt and a jersey. If I'm getting really cold then I can put on a vest, 2 shirts a jersey and a jacket and a scarf.

I Enjoy layering clothes, it feels like I am carrying weights all over me, that is how many layers I wear. and scarfs, well how i feel about them can only be described in the word of the late Mitch Hedberg, "It feels like a really weak midget is trying to strangle you all day", and I like it. not the midget, just the fact that they keep you so warm.

You can always be warm on your own. Maybe it's not so much logical as what it is being in control. Somehow I don't mind being in control of my own body and not just leaving it to the elements. Maybe you don't want to be able to be in control of the way you feel, maybe you are an emotional nuclear disaster, just waiting to explode and melt down.

So there you have it, people who enjoy winter are logical control freaks and people that like summer are irrational follow the pack time bomb's .   

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