Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How is my Driving?

How is my driving? You know those useless stickers on the back of ant truck or work vehicle .You’ve all seen it and yet how many times have you phoned it when they are driving really bad.

Probably none, the same amount of times as me, but then I wondered if anyone has ever phoned and complimented a driver for exceptional driving skills. Or for not driving like a typical city slicker that squeezes his gas guzzling hummer into the smallest possible gap ever.

It pushed me to try it, and it’s a very enjoyable thing to do. Not only do you get a sense of accomplishment for making somebody’s life a bit easier but I also got such a kick from hearing the person on the other end not believing what he is hearing.

You should try it, next time some guy blocks a taxi from pushing in or doesn’t drive like a dick, phone up the number and compliment him. This also started my thoughts on why we only make a scene when something is wrong.

Have we become so vein that we expect everything to be good and amazing all the time without honouring the people who made it that way? So next time you are pleased that the lady packing your bags at the supermarket packed your insect repellent in a different bag to you consumables, compliment her.

When someone provides good service ask to speak the manager in an angry voice and then compliment him when the manager gets there. You can make it fun and also help someones career, stop being the grumpy old person that always complains, and make somebodies day while you pay it forward.

**This message was proudly brought to you by the dbad foundation

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