Wednesday, April 13, 2011

List #3 - Chick magnets

Ok so for list week as promised i am going to be listing some things. Yeah that's the best description i have. Today’s topic is chick magnets, which you would know if you read the title you lazy piece of flesh. Anyway I have noticed that certain things grab most women's attention and affection.

Even if it make's on sense whatsoever it happens. So I'll start it off with musicians in general. Most musicians are chick magnets as soon as women hear their profession, except classical music players. Right, here goes the list.

*rock stars -->
*guys with guitars, even if they can’t play
*a very sporty car, preferably without a roof
*guys with lots of money
*if your house looks like it comes out of a design magazine
*if you are famous
*if you have a huge 'ego' – according to beyonce
*if you have a face that looks like it was chiseled by Michelangelo and not Picasso
*if you have a body that has definitive lines and not shapes -->
*if you know a famous person and can produce evidence
*if you have a strange accent, especially Irish
*if you are foreign
*plus points if you are well groomed
*even more points if it doesn't look like a gorilla is trying to climb out of your shirt at the collar
*if you are a painter and by that I mean artist, not labourer
*actually if you are any type of artist by profession
*if you are a bad-boy
* if you are in the medical profession, i.e. doctor, vet etc.
*real gold bling
*if you are a store owner
*have a Spanish accent, a moustache and dark eyes
*in certain cases salt and pepper hair
*if you are gay
*if you have infinite amounts of knowledge about woman want
*if you ignore them
*if your name miraculously happens to be: Barney Stinson, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise or Aiden -->
*if you have a wedding ring on your finger
*if you are by any means unattainable
*if you are a Model by profession
*if you can keep her interested in what you are saying, so no car, geek or sport talk
*if you can maintain exciting dialogue
*if for a whole year you ate magnetized shavings or steel, and then fed a baby chicken (a chick) steel shavings and then got really close you would literally be a chick magnet
*actually if you seem, look, appear to be or actually are important they will flock to you

Yup all of those are woman magnets. Women love them, want to be with them and use all their money. Shallow, i know but that's the way some women in the world function. And don't argue ladies, all of these might not be true for you but every woman can relate to at least 5 on that list.

It doesn't make you ultra-shallow or cheap. It just makes you normal. Admit it, we don't care

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