Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Changes and a Competition

You can win lots of money in the competition! 

Ok so there will be a few changes on the website as of Today, firstly there will be Jumps so click on this thing that says "Be more Amazed -->"

You have to click on the link to get to the post,well done by the way. Its purely to get stats, and piss you off just a little bit.

Secondly - I will start adding tags, because when you have as many posts as me its difficult to find what you want - not really, its just for the really really lazy people.

Thirdly - I have added a Contact Me Form, At the top of the page, just under my name, and that little description that  I made to chase away the americans. Do you see it, it says "Contact Me".

Lastly - the competition. Details go as follows: I am going to give you a topic and then you write about it, however you want with whatever angle, and then send it to me, and then I will publish the one that I enjoy most, yup this website really is all about aiden, hell if I like you enough I might even make you a regular...

And the winning topic is : drum roll...more drums...more rolls...

-->    Sports    <--

Write about sports any way you want, how much you love it, hate it or how retarded you think it is that 30 grown men chase one elliptically shaped ball on a field where thousands of people go to get drunk while pretending to watch this weird man on man love.

Articles can be submitted through the new contact me form...yay.

Oh and there is no amount of money that can give you the experience that you will get by being published on this site - so that's priceless. That is the prize.

Competition ends when I get an article good enough to publish.

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