Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brain Farts

That big crazy thought. Have you ever been doing nothing in particular and then you get this amazing mind fart that poses a question to yourself which can only baffle your mind and leave you wondering where on earth it came from.

For instance, while driving home the other day, got the music blasting and then pffft. Mind fart. I wonder if the weight of the earth changes. Where on earth did that come from.

Then a few seconds later after pondering this most interesting point pffft again and another one. I wonder if clouds weigh anything and if a cloud evaporates 1000litres does it weigh 1ton? Answers to these questions are available on the internet so if you are wondering go Google it.

Ok I suppose everything has some kind of weight, even though if it’s relative to air it’s not very much, but why, why would I think there a better shape for a wheel? Why is it so difficult to make something invisible, why can people project signals from 4000km away appear on a tv that’s 2cm thick in real time, but no invisibility yet.

My big question now though is why couldn't my brain think up some amazing business idea. But no all i am dreaming up is if the world is getting fatter or does something that hangs around in the air have weight.

I wish it would just appear like those questions. Dammit brain, work Dammit work

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