Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thinking logically

Why is it that women struggle to see a man's point when he explains something logically? Why is it that 96.8%* of women will always pick form over function? What’s the point?

Let me put it like this, you have a choice between two knives,one is really pretty and is made out of silver which is horrendously soft and can hardly cut through butter without bending, whereas the other one is as ugly as a forty five year old mechanics fingernails, but it can cut through seven bricks, a ten inch thick plate of steel, a bar of gold and a coconut without even getting scratched! 
Ugly(Functional) Carbon Compound Knife

Soft Pretty Silver Knife


Any sane person would pick the one that can actually perform its purpose. So yes i suppose I'm trying to say women are a tad insane! And by a tad i mean a whole lot, actually busloads of insane. Like they fell out of the insane tree and hit every branch on the way down.

It doesn't matter how it looks if it doesn't work! So if your couches are taking up all the space in your living room and a man shows you a better way, listen to him. He is going to make your life easier and you should love him for it! We don't care if the feng-shui of the place is amazing, it's retarded and it doesn't work!

If we suggest a better way to position the bedroom so that you can have the cupboard and the drawer open at the same time, listen to us, we will make sense. And if we have made all of these suggestions and you don’t want to listen, then you can’t complain. None of that, we don’t want to hear about it, we gave you an idea, you chose your own disposition.

So my top tip to women, listen to your man because he will make your life easier and you are retarded if you don't!

*stats taken from the P.A. Gina - Venis study from 2007 conducted on women of the ages 17-70.

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