Thursday, March 24, 2011


Every boys dream is to have some kind of superpower. Some want to fly, some wish that they were really strong, others wish that they had x-ray vision, although we all know why an adolescent boy would want that. Being what society labels a young adult, I still find myself sometimes wishing I had superpowers, still there is that little boy inside me that wishes he could just start flying. Life would be simpler. A very clear career choice would become apparent.

‘What do you do for a living’, and then the amazing reply would be 'Oh I’m a superhero, save damsels in distress, have some coffee, fly over to India to watch the cricket, then come back home for dinner. Maybe I’ll head out to Libya tomorrow morning and go end the civil war.'

Life would be so easy. Even though I know it’s ridiculous, it’s still fun to think about it. I think people get old because their imagination stops working and not just because of their age in numbers. People become too cynical and dismissive and then they get old.

Rock stars are rock stars because they never stop imagining and dreaming. Richard Branson is still a kid at heart. He imagines the impossible and then does it blindly. But accountants are accountants because they stopped imagining and started numbering and inspecting. Everything has a value and everything has a place and no room for error.

Boring people out there, start imagining things, start chilling and relaxing and just let your mind run with it. Stop over analysing everything and maybe you too could be a superhero.

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