Friday, March 25, 2011

Motorbikes dbad

If you have been reading my blog you will have noticed i thought I coined the term DBAD. Which is an acronym for “don’t be a dick”. This term was first dreamt up one day in traffic.

It all started while i was waiting in bumper to bumper traffic and then szhoooom, a motorcycle comes flying past my drivers side window. This I can handle, but then some guy with a 17 year old bike with a brand new very noisy exhaust pipe does the same thing and makes my ears bleed.

Or while being squeezed from 5 lanes into 2 a bike comes grazing past between the two cars, but it's a BMW touring Dakar bike with suitcases sticking out on both sides and he literally scrapes the one car. With all these occurrences I found myself thinking and muttering the words you are such a dick.

It then quickly became a thing, when I see a motorcycle approaching I would think ‘don’t be a dick, don’t be a dick, don’t be a dick’ and then the moment of reckoning when it gets close. Sometimes it would feel like, me thinking it actually helped, but other times, the amazing force of being a motorcyclist would overcome the DBAD thoughts.

Now I know it originated from stupid 'I think I own the road and can do whatever I want' motorcyclists but really it can be used on anyone. DBAD is even on urban dictionary, actually it has been there for quite a while, then how did I come up with it? But anyway it's not on bumper stickers yet, so it's still acceptable to use.

Oh and before I forget, motorcyclists of the world, hear what I have to say, cars are bigger, harder and more agile. We don't have to wear helmets and we are attached to the insides of our cars. You are sitting loosely on top of an engine balancing on two wheels and are hardly visible. Can you see what I'm trying to say?

Motorbike 0 - 1 Cars
Still not? Ok. We are bigger and meaner in cars hence we own the road, so you should look out for us not the other way around. Oh and if you don't we will just ride over you, as easy as hitting a pothole. It's not fun, but it happens. So DBAD!

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