Friday, March 18, 2011


I know comments are rife on the internet. But that happens with any large scale natural disaster, along with the hundreds of chain emails, pledges scams and hoaxes. And that's all ok, even the unsavoury jokes are funny.

My Japanese girlfriend dumped me, but it's ok there are Lots of them in the sea. Or , did you hear about Japan, they are really making some big waves. You see very distasteful but funny. One thing that i don't understand though is how some people can say things like, ' this is karma for pearl harbour'. In a war both sides are at fault.

And then by your own logic your stupid country too will be hit by karma. Were you born in a cave? Are you so desensitized to human life that you look past that sorrow of the whole disaster, where millions of people are homeless, and just look for personal gain?

You stupid fat basement dwelling psychopath. It doesn't matter if you are a labourer or a president, a natural disaster is sad and not anything you should wish upon anyone. It's a horrible thing that can happen to anyone.

And secondly why are you living in the past with your stupid remarks, were you even alive for pearl harbour and why does that even matter. You are part of a new generation where war isn't the norm. Where people are more sensible and you don't have to drag your lard ass to the army.

When is karma going to attack you for the millions you killed in Iraq?  When is karma going to attack you for desert storm? When will karma attack you for giving the world the horror that is Justin Bieber? Just stop being such a stupid American and ... No wait that's all, just stop being a stupid American!

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