Thursday, March 10, 2011


You head off to bed ready to enter your daily slumber. The perfect end to a really crappy day that you would never want to have over. You are walking around like a zombie struggling to keep your eyes open.

You change into your comfy pyjamas and basically slide into your bed under the covers. And that’s when it hits you! I wonder why there is a scroll lock button on the keyboard, or if I were an animal what animal would I be and why. At the worst possible time these questions pop up and you are awake. Not even the slightest chance that you are going to sleep in the next few hours. Maybe, just maybe you will fall asleep exactly 49 minutes before your alarm goes off. Just not enough time to rest.
Ever had that feeling? Guess what! I don't. I have no idea what you guys are on about! Why don't you just close your eyes and sleep dammit. Stop making excuses to pretend that you can't sleep or try making topics for conversation. Or maybe you are doing it so that you can put cheesy updates of Facebook at 3h45 in the morning.

I really cannot relate at all with you people. I think i might have the complete opposite of insomnia. But not as bad as apnea. If I want to sleep I get into bed and close my eyes and that's it. Sleepy time for Aiden! However this does mean that movies are a challenge. Staying awake is so tough.

I can hear all the 'team insomnia' people out there reading this saying 'I hate you so much' or 'you shouldn't be writing this because you have no idea how bad it is' but really i don’t care. In the end it's your own mind that is plaguing you and your conscious that cannot rest.
Clean it up boys. Stop being such a dick to people. Be friendly to cashiers and car washers. Treat people as equals. Stop thinking the worst of everyone and then maybe, just maybe you might also be allowed to sleep

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