Thursday, March 31, 2011

A good judge of Character

Sadly this is something which I am not. Actually I think I might be the worst judge of character that I know. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and I'm very naive when it comes to things that people say are true and false.

However this is both a blessing and a curse. Simply put it's a curse because I don't know when someone is taking me for a ride, lying to me just to make a sale or over exaggerating their own physical wealth and worth. I also don't know when to think badly of people or where to draw the line with the people that extort this.

People that are good character judges often use their powers for evil and use people that can’t. They will step on them and use them and just throw them away.

However these people are very cynical, judgmental and disgruntled. This is where the blessing part comes in. I am so naive that I like everyone, and never suspect the worst in people, so I go through life happy, and unphased by the bad in people, which is the cause for most of the heartache and sadness.

At least I know this is an issue and have a few friends who are very good judges of character who always look out for me and because I'm not retarded if you cross me once I will know and won't let it happen again. So there you have it you evil people.

If you do have these superpowers then use them for good. Don't be the villain in real life. Besides you know what always happens to the villain, right? He gets his ass handed to him on a silver platter while the crap is being kicked out of him. You choose. Are you going to be the puncher or the punching bag?

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