Monday, March 14, 2011

Girls with low self-esteem

In the wild animals run together in packs. They feed together, live together and run together. They raise their young together and always look out for each other. But come the day when predator higher up on the food chain attacks then it's every animal for himself.

As this is the way life works, if you are injured you are going to make a nice meal. This is how things work in the real life too. The man, the hunter goes into a pack of girls, the fair buck, and starts chasing. Because we are natural predators we go for the easiest kill.

Which in this case is a girl with low self-esteem and daddy issues. If you are that girl you are always going to be the prey and will be gobbled up in any decent hunting ground. Professional hunters will take you out just for the fun of it.

So stop trying to play the sympathy card, or the ‘I was never loved by my real dad’ card. If this was ever the case it should've made you stronger and not the runt of the pack. The dating game really is like nature and if you are weak you will lose, every time, Guaranteed.

‘But i don't know how to be stronger’ or ‘I can't help the way i was treated.’ If this is what you are saying stop reading as there is no hope for you, you should switch off your computer, go back to your dead end job and stay there forever. However if you are saying teach me wise master then you may continue reading.

It's simple. A few pointers will get you to be just faster than the most injured animal in your herd:
1. Offense is never given, it is always taken. Meaning if you find it offensive just write it off and retaliate with humour.
2. Don't be the emotional drag in the group, they will always leave you for dead.
3. And lastly learn to identify someone weaker than you. In case you get into trouble just shove her in front of you, let her be the prey to the predators and you will be ok. If you think this is mean, you are wrong, any one of them would do the same thing if you are the weakest.

And ladies, it’s a pleasure, now run.

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  1. when did you become such a comedian?! dis hilarious!! :-D