Monday, March 7, 2011

Gay People

Why do gay people feel that the world owes them something? As if they have been done this large injustice and now it is time for the world to bow down to their every need and whim. They are always the most flamboyant, first in line when there are stones to be cast

Maybe it's because they feel done in. “I’m a man in a woman’s body”, or”I can’t ever trust men because they ruined my childhood, because Johnny stole my food and said he was doing so because I am fat! That is where i decided i can never love a man.” Get over it, you were just looking for an excuse to fight the system and be rebellious. Chances are you probably were fat.

Nobody cares if you think you are better than the rest of us. Hell we hardly care about anyone else except our self. Just because you have a different sexual preference doesn’t mean i have to worship you. You are normal people like anyone else that i know. So get off your high horse and stop proclaiming it.

Why is it that all the gay people that feel the need to proclaim it and take offense when you mock it are not successful? Why are they all gutter dwellers and bottom feeders?  Yet I find someone that can take the mocking and ridicule, like anybody else would take ridicule about being fat or stupid, are the successful ones. The ones that don’t feel the need to proclaim it are the ones that make something of themselves.

Here's an idea, you don’t need to put rainbow stickers on your car or walk in a massive parade. We don’t have a march because we like the opposite sex. Maybe that’s because we have nothing to prove and are not insecure about our sexuality? Maybe you are just more offended by your choice than the rest of the world cares to notice.

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