Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Dutch(men)

The Dutch : A small group of people who stemmed from the homo-sapien race. All though many may appear normal it is only an external appearance and should not fool you. They are very dangerous and extremely low on grey matter usage. They commonly wear wife-beaters and have an abundance of wet-look hair gel.

They are well known for inbreeding and incest. Most commonly found in Southern Africa, with similar variants in Australia (the whole population) and America (the hicks). Also referred to as ‘rock spider’, ‘clutch plate’, ‘diff lock’ and ‘spanner’. A common name in South Africa is also 'spyker' which translates to either nail or sex.

Now with the formalities out of the way. This is such a retarded nation. You find them mostly in little towns. What typically happens is you go out one night, look up after taking a sip of whatever you are drinking then some pumped out meat head walks up to you with his wet-look hairstyle from the 90s and tight muscle hugging wife-beater shirt and threatens you because you ‘looked’ at his girlfriend, who is wearing a necktie as a skirt and a bikini top as a shirt. He then challenges you to a duel because that's the way he sorts things out.

A typical duel consists of aforementioned meathead and 90 of his closest friends standing around you, just in case you do punk his beefy ass. Power by numbers I suppose, but this is the mentality that you have to deal with. This guy will also end up having seven babies with his girlfriend and then inherently teach them to be the same – meathead wife beater bullies.

It’s a vicious circle and is best described by the movie ‘Idiocracy’. If you haven’t watched it, get around to it. It is the perfect description of what is happening to the world, and the scum that are the wife beater wearing population will be our downfall. So please I appeal to you, let’s get rid of them, don’t entertain them, shun them and let them become extinct, like the dinosaurs that they are!

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