Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blue Lights

You're on your way home at four-o-clock on a very hot Thursday afternoon and the Air-con isn't working. Yet somehow that's all ok. Listening to some nice music and just making the best of it.Then all of a sudden I hear police sirens. Being the good caring citizens that we are everyone starts shifting their cars around and making way. Then it gets past you and a sense of accomplishment flows over you, knowing you did a good thing. You could just have helped them save someone's life.

A feeling that is very quickly lost when another car with sirens comes screaming past? Confusion sets in at this point as you think to yourself “why does a black BMW X5 have blue police lights?” First thought is maybe it’s the spies, or our local version of the FBI.

As excited as a little kid, another comes past, and then smack bang in the middle of this array of cars is a nice, top of the range luxury BMW. That’s when it smacks you right between the eyes. It's some stupid man who thinks he is a dignitary and can do what he wants.

If you are not the president of a country you do not deserve this right! If you die the country won't crumble without you. You are not special. You are not amazing. You are definitely not that important, and you are not better than the rest of us. 

If by some slim chance you are important enough, for example, you reformed a whole country or you won a Nobel peace prize, then you would know how to plan better. And you wouldn't be a selfish greedy bastard who thinks the world should bow to his every whim and need.

We don’t care if you are a mayor, a member of parliament or a saint. Get into your fancy car you got by ripping off your African country, and enjoy the ride in it. Sit in traffic with the rest of us and DBAD (don’t be a dick).

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