Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family Reunions

Normally celebrated during the festive season, when all the family gets together and in the weeks preceding it you find yourself thinking of how much fun it’s going to be. You sit around imagining how everyone is going to visit and chat and get all excited. All good and well until that day.

It usually starts with half the family being late. Then there is a granny who is complaining about a grandson’s hair and a granddaughter’s inappropriate clothing. And that’s just to get it all started off. There is also an aunt complaining about how the couches aren’t comfortable and how the lamb doesn’t look right.

This sadly is not the worst. Family is a very complex word, not in the word, or grammar, but the meaning. Think about the person that you think is the most disgusting person you know. Add to that a person you think is a backstabber, now add one more person that thinks he is your friend, but really isn’t.

Now you will realise that you can find people like this in your family. There are always people in the family that you would not choose as friends, but because you are related, you have to tolerate them. But yet it doesn’t seem to be so much of an issue.

No matter how many times they stab you in the back, or hate you, gossip about you, try to punch you or whatever they get up to. It doesn’t matter because they are family, and family is all that you have that is definite. Besides, who knows, you might be that disgusting person to someone else, or the irritating aunt that gossips all the time.

But family is the only bunch of people you have in the world that will never give you up. Even if you are “that” guy. It will be tolerated.


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