Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Walking Dictionary

Have you ever heard someone saying big words like “Idiosyncratic” or “Magnanimous” and then thought to yourself, wow I wish I knew what words like that meant. I believe we have all fallen prey to this illusion of grandeur when it comes to people using big fancy words to say things for which normal words can be used.

Sure it might seem elegant and classy to use big old fashioned words to say simple things. The real question however is does that person actually know what the word means and how to use it or is he a poor sod like me that has also many times before used a word of which I don’t know the meaning just to sound intelligent.

It is sadly a bad trait of the human race to always want to fit in and be liked by people, always looking for acceptance, but mostly in the wrong places. If you really want to be that guy that uses the big words and who actually appears like he knows what he is talking about, get yourself a dialect couch and an English teacher.

It’s not that hard to learn big words and make yourself seem “cooler” in the eyes of everyone else, but do you really want to be that guy? Is it worth the effort, I suppose it does depend on the company you keep, and by talking like that it won’t be long till your “company” consists of pompous arrogant fake-to-you-face douches.

You just need to get over your constant search for approval from people and find a place within yourself where you are happy and don’t need constant reminders from the world that you are inadequate and will never live up to your dreams and aspirations!

So either start being happy with who you are, or constantly chase the approval of others which will never be achieved!


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