Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Radio Killer

Listening to the radio this morning I came to the shocking realisation that radio presenters are very good at talking to themselves and then also answering whatever they say. This poor woman on the radio this morning is very inexperienced or not crazy enough to present on her own, because she was rambling off words and having very mundane conversations.

Now I understand that it must be difficult to present if you are alone in the studio and you know it’s the time of morning that nobody really listens to the radio, but wow, she was just horrible. She was laughing at her own jokes, which most people do, but with one difference, her jokes weren’t even funny, hell they were hardly even jokes.

I was listening to her and I felt sorry for her, not only that I was ashamed. Even though I don’t know her or actually even care, she was so bad that I was hoping for her sake that no one else was listening. I think it is a tough industry to get into and that it is difficult to really make it as a radio dj, but she should just accept the fact that she can’t make it on her own. Besides, not making it as a radio Dj means that you aren't crazy because you cant have conversations with yourself. So don't feel too bad about it.

This then sparked the question, why do people insist on doing something that is detrimental to their career and themselves, even though it has been made clear to them that they suck? Are they that thick that they just can’t get the message through, or are they really convincing themselves that everyone is incorrect?

Or is it actually a very good character trait, one that allows certain people to succeed and get ahead in life, no matter what people say. I’m really hoping it’s my first thought because that’s what I am, I think. All I know is that my life would be very boring without those people in it! Who would I laugh at when I’m driving?

And who would I judge when I’m walking in the mall and you are wearing your jeans very low, with your wife-beater shirt and no shoes. Get a clue westrand, life isn’t that simple!

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