Thursday, December 2, 2010


If you were thinking Y’arrrrr then you would be correct. Piracy was big in the days when ships were built from wood and scurvy was common-place amongst sailors.  A time when women were not considered as people but objects and exploring was scary because you could fall off the flat earth. But it died down, as did we figure out the earth is round and women got equal rights.

Then out of nowhere some guys in Somalia are watching “Pirates of the Caribbean” and instead of seeing Johnny Depp kicking ass in an extremely crude fashion they saw a business opportunity! Now I’m trying to imagine the conversation that led up to that; “Hey Labaan, pirates are cool, they get drunk and steal stuff and everybody is scared of them”.

Ok so maybe I can understand it, everybody has pretended to be a pirate, in the back yard, when you were 5. This however is a little bit extreme. They go and get a boat, get themselves a few AKM’s and RPG’s and they are ready to go off to work. Then they go cruising the ocean looking for some massive Fishing trawler or goods ship which they can board, take hostage and loot.

Something else I don’t understand, why do these huge ships hand over the reins so quickly? Why don’t they just protect themselves, or at least shoot flares into the Somali boat, burn it and let them drown.

Ok that’s a tad harsh but why can’t the navy do something about the pirates? They have all this amazing technology and satellites that can zoom in to see what gel you use in your hair, but they can’t find a few irate uneducated pirates in a confined space of the ocean? It all at Puntland and off the Gulf of Aden. Why then can’t you catch the scurvy bastards and take them to prison.

Being bad as it may, I am still left wondering, do they talk like pirates on their little speedboats while approaching the ship? Areeee’ me matees , preeepare the cannoonnns! Do they drink rum all day raise a flag with a skull and crossbones or are the just common looters that have taken advantage of something that is essential to the world trade economy?

Eyyyy don’t know!


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