Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Touchy subject? Yes I know and therefor will be referred to as ‘X’ for this article. It’s something that has to be spoken about. Now I know everybody has at some time in their life come into contact with X and if you are a male have probably enjoyed it more than the females. X has actually become part of our daily lives with many companies using it as a sales technique.

I am by no means going to write an article about the evils of X and how X will affect your life, in fact I think everyone enjoys a little X now and then. Nobody minds seeing X on a billboard on the way to work, or getting an email with some voluptuous X in it. It makes life interesting. Even people that say they don’t enjoy it actually do and have just been accustomed to say so by society.

But as with anything that “on the edge” there are always people that will go too far.  Within X there is good and bad, people have different needs, and some try to get it from a sick messed up kind of X. but there are those select few that ruin it for everyone, because of some demented fantasy to see X containing children.
How sick must you be to want to strip away the innocence from a child? How can it possible be arousing, or even a turn on? All you are doing is decaying the world with your unsavoury self. The world would be a better place without you in it! I wish that you could be ousted in public, have your dignity stripped from you and then banished to a land where all the Child-X lovers go.

Not only that, you will have to be neutered and maybe even castrated. Take it all off so that you can’t hurt another child ever again. My skin cringes at the thought of you and that will never change. It’s not your genetic makeup and you can’t blame it on something that happened to you in the past.
You are just the scum in the human gene pool and the most un-evolved animal in the human race! Go seek help immediately and stop degrading our society!

Sorry for the dark post, Ciao

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