Monday, December 6, 2010

Being a Wrapper

While doing the mandatory Christmas shopping this weekend I stumbled across a stall that has a gift wrapping service and thought absolutely nothing of it, then I saw another and another. There were actually quite a few and I started looking at the people doing the wrapping. Oh my goodness they were hideous!

So I’m lying they weren’t that bad. That’s not the point though, it got me thinking to what kind of advert they put out to advertise that position? And what qualifications do you need? Is there a special course you take, like Wrapping101 and then the more advanced Wrapping202? Or is it like the scouts where you get little badges when you can do specific things?
Like a badge for each individual item you can wrap, and a special commendation for the amount of sides and item has, the hexagon being the most sought after! You also get extra points for wrapping oddly shaped, and pointy objects!

But seriously, what kind of a career path can you have if you are a Wrapper at a mall? You only work over the festive season and the hours are really crappy. You also get paid minimum wage! Why then would you choose to do this? By all means I applaud you for finding A job, something that pays and does not involve you standing on the street and begging for my hard earned money.

But get some direction in life, there are better things out there, and if you stopped thinking the world owes you something, or that the perfect job is coming to you, you might just be able to find something better. Your life of standing at the same wrapping counter year after year is depressing to everyone that goes there.

So get up off that Wrapper ass of yours, go out there and find something better, make space for other people starting out to also have a minimum wage job!


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