Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Woman Scorned

As we are all lead to believe men are fighters, and stand their ground and women are always the protestors, and the ones who fight with their men for being the way they are. It’s always inhumane and cave man like.

But I have come to the realisation that women are very defensive and territorial creatures. Guys too are like this and always get blamed of this by women, but in actual fact they are just playing off their disputes through us men! Women are the actual instigators of jealousy and territorial wars. They are just using emotional blackmail to get what they want out of us!

They hold on to a grudge like it’s nobody’s business and they make it very clear, in “woman code”, to the woman which they despise. What is “woman code” you may ask, well it mainly goes unnoticed by men because the women appear friendly to each other, hugs, chit chat and all that, but as soon as we look away, they have eye dagger’s which they pierce into the other women!

Ridiculous you say to me, well try it, take a woman to a woman you know she doesn’t like, and keep a close eye on her eyes, you will see it. And this subtle eye twitch/dagger throwing is what makes women hate each other, and despise time spent with her. It’s preposterous, can the gender that blames us of being cave men, and never growing up actually be a bunch of Hippocrates!

What does a woman do to deserve the woman code treatment? Well it can be anything or nothing. The criteria could be that the way she dresses, or the way she acts, or the way she doesn’t act, or the way she doesn’t dress, or the shoes she is or isn’t wearing, the way she hugs or doesn’t hug you, or the way she talks or doesn’t talk to you. Absolute madness. Maybe you have to have woman parts to understand it?

I know you think it’s petty, and I agree. Just stop being so complicated! We are not going to drop you for the girl with the Gucci shoes, or the Prada bag, and a hug isn’t going to make us change our mind about you. If I chose you, I want you!


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