Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vegetarians and Vegans

I will not participate in murdering animals” and “the animals have feelings too” are sentences i hear lately, and its left me wondering about this whole vegetarian vegan thing, could it be that people care so much about animals that they protest against eating them? Can it be that they have found such deep compassion for animals that they are willing to boycott any place that has anything to do with meat?

But why, animals taste so delicious, they are full or proteins that are good for a person and they keep you healthy. The round off any good meal, and comes in various forms, fish, chicken, beef and lamb. With so much variety why are you against it all? Besides what kind of a meal is it if you have no meat...a salad i suppose, or maybe beans, or grass?

If that’s the answer then doesn’t that mean that you are becoming an animal yourself? Animals only eat grass and leaves? Would you like to go run around with the animals in the field, eat some grass and then sleep outside at night? That makes no sense, what type of screwed up logic are you using?

Or is it because you think it’s cruel what they do to the animals? Which could be a valid point, but do you really think that by not eating meat they are going to save a cow? That’s not going to happen, if you don’t eat it someone else will. It’s part of the natural food chain, where we are on top and get to eat anything below us.

See vegetarians, was that nice? How did it feel have my propaganda stuffed down your throat? We eat meat, and we enjoy it, leave us alone!  I love buying a huge steak and putting it on an open fire, searing the crap out of it and then eating the whole thing, with no veggies, no salad and no animal food! It’s definitely much tastier than any salad I have ever eaten and I will not change my mind.

And you good sir/madam will not change it for me. Full stop!



  1. hmmmm....aren't a little biased here Mr. Aiden? You can't really comment on a type of food you don't even hardly eat ANY vegetables at all, only some fruits. I love most fruits and veggies, sometimes I'd even prefer certain veggies over meat (and you know I love meat too). People have different tastes, just as the taste of bananas make me nauseous, that doesn't mean that I should 'judge' everyone else that likes bananas....

    It could also be argued that our (humans) diet used to consist mainly of vegetables (grasses, leaves, etc.) Why else do we still have the remains of an appendix?

    To each his own...besides, I like a world with vegas and vegetarians....more meat for me!(and you!)

  2. Its not about being biased or about what i eat and don't eat, its about vegans and vegetarians always shoving their propaganda down my throat, and making me feel guilty about something that i enjoy!

  3. If God didn't want us to eat animals why did he make them from meat...