Monday, November 22, 2010


The big reason why millions of people don’t want to move to the city, “because it’s horrible there, and I would never survive in traffic”, or “I could never live with traffic like that, I would die!”. Well whoop-dee-doo, why don’t you stop being so mellow-dramatic and just get over it. Traffic, is by no means the happiest part of my day, but it is also not that bad.

“I suppose you learn to live with it”, or “you get used to it because you have to” is what people will say, but it really isn’t like that. Traffic, if handled correctly is quite a lot of fun. It’s definitely entertaining, and sometimes even very therapeutic. This may seem highly unlikely and like a big fat lie, but hear me out.

Driving in traffic should be a mundane task but it isn’t, for some reason everyone in traffic is very interesting, and if you have even the slightest imagination it’ll be very exciting, for instance, two days in a row I saw a girl in traffic that cried the whole way we were driving, both days, I know I should feel sorry for her but I don’t, I just laughed.

Then you also get the people that pick in their noses, and you get the people that really try to dig in their brains, like the whole finger disappears up in the nose! Ok besides the nose picking, people singing to their hearts content and people that cry, there is actually a better reason why I love traffic.

Me Time. Yup in traffic, I can think about what I have done during the day, what I have accomplished, what I want to do, anything. I can put on my favourite music, and forget about everything that irritates me. It gives me time to get inside my own head and exercise that lump of grey matter that often just goes to waste. I have found that in traffic I come up with the most interesting ideas, things I should try and things that could make my life easier.

So my question is why do people complain about it, its time you have to yourself? Do you suffer from such self-loathing that that you can’t even spend half an hour each day in your own head? Or are you just looking for a reason to complain? Or are you just trying to fit in with everyone else and so you complain just because they do? I don’t know which one of those are the worst, but my advice would be to grow a spine and stop complaining about nothing!


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