Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Socially Acceptable

What is this term and what does it mean? Well to be socially acceptable means that you conform to the way the world sees things. For instance if you are a woman, it is not socially acceptable to wear a bathing suit without a top, or if you are a guy it is not socially acceptable to hit a woman. While some of the socially accepted ways of living I can agree with, some are difficult for me to comprehend.

Why is it that if you don’t have a very expensive haircut, with the newest glasses on the market, at least a brand name shirt and a Levi jean then you are seen as either a cheapskate or a loser? Why is it that girls have to wear make up to be socially acceptable. Why must I have brand name shoes to impress a girl, that’s not who or what I am at all, why then does it matter?

Have we, as the human race become so vapid and self-absorbed that we cannot look past a person’s accessories, clothes and haircut to see who a person is? How do you comprehend that I would be a better guy if I am wearing expensive shoes? Explain that to me. Do you think that because I have an expensive haircut I have lots of money?

It doesn’t make any sense. Girls all we want is a real girl. We don’t care if you are wearing the latest threads and keep up with the newest trends. We want a girl that can cook, and clean, and do my washing and make me feel needed. Not someone who knows how to apply make-up or spend two hours a day on her hair.

With that being said, certain things still count. No tramp stamp tattoos on your lower back. Girls that drink out of bottles are not a good sign either.  So none of that and no picking your nose either. Don’t be ridiculous, just be real. We hate fakes and plastics. Get over yourself, your time in the spotlight is over.


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