Friday, November 26, 2010

Sales people

If anybody that reads this has ever been to a shop before you will know that sales people are the closest thing to scum the world can churn out. Everybody has to have a first job, and maybe this is what it is for you, and that’s ok, I was also a salesman at my first job, I’m not referring to you.

The person I’m referring to is the person that chooses to do this as a job, after his/her first job. The guy that’s 35 and still a salesman! You my dear friend are the pain in my ass which always tries to tell me what is a better for me, and even if you are lying, you will still stick to your guns. Even if I confront you about it you will still deny it.

When you are throwing around acronyms which you don't even understand and making a general idiot of yourself, we notice. Its not easy to pull off the amazing guy that knows everything. Most guys that know everything are too socially awkward and smart to be salesmen. So just drop the act.

A good salesman is not someone that can lie efficiently, or even someone that tells me what I want to hear, no, a good salesman is someone that tells me the truth, even if it would cost him a sale. That honesty is what will bring me back to your store over and over and over again! Even if the other stores are 10% cheaper, I will be going to the place where I got honesty, because ultimately I know you aren’t just trying to make a sale.

Most people can tell when someone is lying to them, even a child can tell, why then do you think that you are any different? Why do you think you can sell me a piece of crap and tell me it’s the most amazing thing in the world? Besides, when all your lies tumble in on you I won’t be coming back to your store, in fact I will be telling every person I know that your store is terrible!

And in the end it doesn’t matter how much you advertise your crappy product, if you lied to me about it I will be buying the same crappy thing for more money from another store because they don’t just care about money, they care about the people that buy there too. Advertisements can only get you so far, word of mouth is the biggest reseller, and that is something lying salesmen won’t get!

Ultimately we all just want an honest sales person. No one likes a liar, and no one likes being lied to.


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