Thursday, November 18, 2010


What’s all the hype with people with orange hair, I don’t get it! So what if they are different, mostly ugly and have freckles all over the place but who cares. Just because they can’t lead a life without being called “fire crotch”, “ginger pubes”, “vlam” or anything else that can be referenced to a red item, does that mean we should stoop to the level of school kids?

We were all young at one stage but shouldn’t we just get over the fact that they are soulless and let them be, it must be tough for them to survive in a world that is happy and soulful, and I think we should cut them some slack, ever since south park announced “kick a ginger” day the little bit of happiness they had has been stripped from them.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t kick them, I just think they need a break. Maybe they could all gather at a very smelly party and find some of the elites and make them famous, that way the gingers would be more prominent in society and they could feel like they are actually human, like the rest of us normal people.

So stop whining you stinky soul-less ginger spawns , start standing together and maybe one of you could fit in with the world as we know it. 


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