Friday, November 19, 2010

Degradation of the English language

This article might fall on deaf ears if u spel liek dis, an thnk tht its cool whn me an u cn shrtn evry psble wrd by takn out sylbls an vwls jst 2 sve 1 chrctr. J ROTFLOL.ILU.BRB

If the above sentence is what you do, then you are the scum that will eventually lead to the degradation of the English language as we know it, with people using words like “yo” and “wadup” it is to be expected though.

Why can’t people just say “Hi” or “How are you” like the English language says!

Why must it always be some kind of perversion of the most widely spoken language in the world that becomes “hip”? Is it because of a lack of discipline and respect in the younger generation or is it the ease of access to socializing over electronic mediums? Or is it both? I don’t know, what I do know is that I don’t like it one bit.

English is such an elite and distinguished language. Do you remember how the men used to talk in the 1950’s, probably not, and neither do I, but I have heard some people re-enacting it, and by golly was it glorious, for instance: ”Good day young lad, come hither so that I may bequeath thee with my axe.” , which in common day language would mean, “come here boy, have this guitar”.

Everything was so much more elegant, very long winded, but elegant. Getting to my point, the English language has changed and evolved a lot, and has undergone changes that make it shorter and easier to use, why then, do you still find the need to shorten it more, into incomprehensible letters that are just thrown together.

Really it isn’t that hard. And if your excuse is that you can’t spell, then I have a tip for you, Learn! Make an effort like all the rest of us did and learn how to spell words, where to use proper punctuation and how to put a functioning sentence together. It’s that simple people.

Here let me offer you a quick lesson with the dreaded apostrophe:

One of the many uses of the apostrophe is to join two words and then remove a letter from that word, or from both of the words. Where the letter has been removed is where the apostrophe will be.

Are not                  =              Aren’t
Is not                  =              Isn’t
Doctor is                   =              Doctor’s

See it’s not that hard. Now get your head out of your ass and go learn something!


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