Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Being the IT guy

So if you are reading this you are probably somehow computer literate, which is a good thing as you need computer skills to survive in the modern world, and I applaud you for that. If you are sensing that this article is about everything that isn’t a computer you would be correct, because in this new modern world in which we live, anything that works with electricity is labelled as “computer stuff”.

This is where my general problem comes in, I work in the very broad spectrum “IT” field. I work as a software support techie.i dabble in perl and linux, which is what I do, but then because everything is related to “IT” I get phoned for every little thing that goes wrong. For example

Friend 1
“Hi Aiden, john here, how are you”

“Good and yourself john, haven’t heard from you since you needed me to help you set up your new TV and surround sound”

“Haha yeah good times, listen, I need to ask you a favour”

“Sure, go ahead” 

“Well you see I got some bonus this month, and I bought and electric garage door, a new toaster, a new microwave and an aircon, and I was wondering if you would come set these up for me, you know, seeing as you are in IT and these things are all the same!”

These are the types of calls we have to deal with as IT Professionals, it’s disgusting, if you weld pipes at some construction company for a living I’m not going to ask you to build a car for me because you know “these things are all the same”. I think I speak for everyone who has experienced this when I say “Please for the sake of all mankind STOP calling us for any Electronic issue you have”!   

We work on computers exclusively.  Not Toasters, house alarms, air cons, microwaves, vcr’s, surround sound, tvs or garage doors! None of them! Got it? Good.

Wow now that that’s out of my system – sorry for the raging first post.


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